Question: How can I get more in touch with living my dreams?

Let’s start with looking at the individuals you admire most. Perhaps they came from humble beginnings and now they are living their dreams. Obviously they’ve learned how to channel disappointments into renewed abundance. They have learned not to let set backs overwhelm them or stop them from moving forward.

Imagine what it would be like to sit down with a truly on purpose, authentic, and successful person. Probably you would want to know, “How did you do it? What tips can you share? (I understand there are those who pay millions to have lunch with Warren Buffet and hear his ideas.)

Likely your mentor would respond, “I believed I could reach my goals. I carefully looked at my choices and my options. I had the willingness to change my core beliefs if it improved my life and those I loved. I didn’t let others hold me back. I didn’t doubt my abilities.”

They’d probably conclude, “I noticed certain actions gained me assets, while others brought liabilities. I began to divide my time, energy, mental thoughts, and imagery into two different categories: Assets/Liabilities. I strongly focused on patterns that worked for me and let go of patterns the resulted in nothing, or limited results. It got easier to say NO to situations that were not in my best interest. It got easier to say YES to people that saw my vision and wanted success with me and had my best interests at heart. Together we could mutually reach our goals. I dropped negative people. I invited positive and manifesting minded individuals into my life. I started becoming the master of my destiny.”

By doing this I noticed that “success began to find me.” Sometimes saying no to people took courage. It also took inner strength to ask for what I wanted and not give up on an avenue I believed could come to fruition. The more I noticed what did and didn’t work for me, the more positively my life improved and I was living my dreams.

Your identity is constantly being formed and re-formed. Based on changing events and decisions in your life, the choices you make as you handle life’s ups and downs, is at your fingertips. Some people will try to take advantage of you. You will notice that others have nothing to offer. And then there are those who are an excellent match. This is where dreams take flight.

Question:  How do I get past my resistance of being accountable for my current situation?

You can’t reach your goals if you are not accountable for your choices. Even if your life takes a huge downturn or unexpected disappointment, there are ways to recover using your inner strength, vision, persistence, and personality. People become accountable when they realize “no one can change my life better than me.”

Here’s Ethan’s story. At the age of twenty-two Ethan decided to mentally, emotionally, and physically give up. He attempted to end his life by putting a fun to his head and pulling the trigger. The result was blindness not death. Ethan came to me for help asking how he could rebuild his life. He was searching for answers and wondering, “Where do I go from here? How do I fit in? I’m lost.”

Ethan described how he felt life had let him down and the various ways he felt cheated by others. I suggested that he begin thinking of himself as a fully functioning person despite blindness and look at the choices he made. After hearing Ethan’s goals, I suggested a career program designed for the blind to help others deal with recently loosing sight. I encouraged Ethan to sign up. He did. Ethan discovered he had a special talent for teaching blind children. As he got involved in the educational system he met a sighted teacher and asked her out on a date. They clicked. Today Ethan and Sophia are married. While Ethan is still blind, he has clear sight of what’s important to him and how he turned his life around. Be letting go of the past and being accountable for making better choices he attracted a loving wife, satisfying career, and a reason to give back to others.

When you embrace accountability you realize that your experiences are not often a part of your choices. While external forces will impact you, if you want your life to be different, you’re the only one who can do anything about it. Invite yourself to think about every part of your day, from morning to night. Write down those elements that made you unhappy or dissatisfied in any way. Then write down, those things that made you feel proud and upbeat. Ask yourself this, “In looking at my choices, what would I repeat versus what would I do differently? What lead to my unhappy moments? What did I do to create my joyful moments? Believe you can realized your goals and what you desire using the power of your insightful and self-aware thoughts.

Question:  What if I continually procrastinate?

Since it is easy to talk yourself out of making important phone calls, procrastinate, and not follow through, I’ve developed an exercise to help you get motivated and stay motivated. I call it:  Start the Process.

A good way to feel in control of your thoughts, invoke intentions, and move your life forward is to adopt what I call S.T.P. thinking.

S.T.P. thinking is a way to effectively focus on positive outcomes by using the acronym S.T.P.   For instance, S.T.P. can represent “Start the Process” or “Stay Thinking Proactive” or “Share the Productivity.”

S.T.P. thinking, or “Start the Process” is an exercise for successful manifesting and getting past procrastination. Using the S.T.P. mantra daily gives your mind an edge. It allows you to take small steps toward your goals without getting discouraged because you are focused on a positive outcome. It gives you the courage to make choices that benefit you.  S.T.P. thinking brings together logical and intuitive abilities. In essence, you create synchronicity through the power of your thoughts and actions. Your thoughts become an intention to be at the right place at the right time and not procrastinate getting there.  Or, complete a project without procrastinating. Or, motivate yourself when you feel let down or emotionally heavy.

Step one. Make a S.T.P. list.

Step two. Let each S.T.P. phrase by something you can identity with.

Step three. Be open minded and creative.

The goal is to come up with as many S.T.P. acronyms that you can think of and list them on paper. Then imagine how you are going to put your S.T.P. acronyms into action. Take to heart your S.T.P. list and jump at opportunities that come your way. As you open doors for yourself, others will notice your progress and help you stay focused, motivated, and productive toward your needs.

To help you get started, here are some of my client’s favorite acronyms: Simplify Tough Problems. See the Payoff. Seek Truthful Partnerships. Start Thinking Passionately. Study Then Play. Socially Think Powerfully. Share the Possibilities. State the Probabilities. Stop Thankless Patterns. Step Through Procrastination. Sense the Passion. Start Talking Productively.

These S.T.P. acronyms are just a beginning to get you started. Find a three-word combination that works for you and then say the words aloud to yourself periodically throughout the day. The more you practice S.T.P. thinking the easier it will be for you to follow through, stand up for yourself, take action, and expect positive results. We all want a better life. S.T.P. thinking helps you to reach out to others and find mentors to help you, or your own inner strength.

With your S.T.P. statement see yourself moving forward in the direction you desire. Start envisioning the outcome(s) you desire as already having happened as good or better than you imagined.

For instance, if you have too much clutter in your house, Start the Process of clearing things out. Just, Start the Process. If you are shy, See the People that help you connect with others so that you get a great group of friends and social network. You can use this exercise 24/7.

What word combinations make you excited and impervious to others’ negativity? Think of each S.T.P. acronym as a mantra and take it to heart. Let your S.T.P. list serve as a motivator to get moving forward. This will help you not let life pass you by. It’s time to make taking action fun, not a drudge.

Have fun with this exercise!

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