Messages from The Light for improving our life

With hindsight, we usually understand that what happened was meant to be. This is, for instance, also the case for the way I met Jessica at the IANDS conference in Denver and for the way my book Messages from The Light was published in the US.

I had written a book on Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) before. In it I compare the essences from NDEs with the essences of five major religions. You will not find the book in the US because it is written in Dutch, my mother tongue. Nevertheless I felt a strong urge to write something for people in America and that it should be about how NDEs contain important messages for improving our lives and to become happier. I knew that being published in the US was going to be difficult for a Dutch economist, unknown in the US. Yet somehow I knew I would succeed.

I started writing a month after the default of Lehman Brothers in September 2008. This default was the real start of the Great Recession. It was a rainy day in Amsterdam when I actually sat behind the computer. I remember that I looked out of the window and saw not one, but two rainbows. I love rainbows and felt that this would be good. Shortly after, I went on a vacation to Spain, a country that, like the US, was severely struck by the Great Recession. In the two weeks that I spent in rainy Spain I wrote the whole book. It was based on the many in-depth interviews I had with dozens of NDErs in the US and the Netherlands.

One of the interviews stood out. It was an interview with a woman, a half a year before Lehman Brothers went belly up. It was right after Bear Stearns, another investment firm, which had just been rescued in a deal brokered by the Fed. She told me about her NDE that had taken place some 22 years before. In it she had received knowledge that some great upheaval would occur. The information came in an elevated form of communication and all these years she didn’t understand when this upheaval would take place. However, after the rescue of Bear Stearns she knew. The economic tension on earth surrounding this rescue coincided with what she had felt during her NDE. She told me that the turmoil till then was just the forerunner of the real crisis, and that the real crisis would really run deep.

She was not the only one warning me. Also others that I interviewed had a warning. They made me aware that greed and indifference have caused this crisis to develop. We have been focusing on our short-term self-interest for far too long. Short-term self-interest is non-optimal when it is at the cost of others and of nature. And if we don’t understand this truth, we are bound to make the same mistake again. We have to understand that we can’t do something that would hurt others, and have the illusion that we can walk away without feeling the consequences. What NDErs say, is that all our actions and thoughts have an effect somewhere. It is like tossing a stone in a pond; the ripples travel to all sides of the pond. Likewise, our acts and thoughts create ripples that travel through the seen and unseen parts of universe.

Therefore, the best thing to do is to create positive ripples. We do this by being aligned with The Light that many people have seen during their NDE. This Light is unconditional love. Being aligned with The Light means that we would stop focusing on our short-term self-interest alone and, instead, start focusing on our long-term “our-interest”. Because what we do to others and to nature, we in fact do to ourselves. This is because we are part of one big whole, a unity universe, in which everything is profoundly interconnected. This was one of the prominent messages that I got from NDErs. This interconnectedness is at the basis of our ripple creating power. Through the creation of ripples we have a great creative power within us. We should use this creative power well.

There are many more wonderful and life enhancing messages in NDEs. One is that we all have an important task to fulfill on earth. Another is that we all carry The Light within us. From both messages we should realize that we are all extremely important. There are no lesser souls. The unemployed person without income is just as important as the president of the US or the queen of the Netherlands. Each of us is indispensible in this great scheme.

In addition, we are all loved beyond our wildest dreams. And this love is unconditional. You don’t have to do anything specific in order to receive it. This doesn’t mean that we can just go about and do everything we want without caring for others and for nature. The reason is that when we die, we will be able to feel what we did to others, and we will feel this as if we do it to ourselves. We will not be satisfied when we mistreated others or cheated them. Therefore, it is optimal to do to others what we would like to feel ourselves.

When the book was ready, I submitted it to several publishers. When it got rejected, I was astounded. How could that be? Had my feelings been wrong? I was disappointed, displeased, and discontented. After a while I realized that I couldn’t enforce my will on universe. I had to be aligned with The Light as I advised in the book. Actually, there is no other choice than to be aligned at all times, even when things seem not to develop in the way that I expected them to develop. I settled down. I gave in. It brought me peace and quiet. Then I decided to look through the manuscript again and I made a lot of changes. Finally I submitted it again through my agent, and this time it was accepted.

Then I went to Colorado where the congress of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) was to be held. There I attended Jessica’s presentation and it made a great impression on me. It was so powerful and what she said thrilled. I was struck by what she had gone through. I had to talk to her. We discovered that we were both working in a down to earth economic environment: she is coach and consultant and I am economist at the Dutch Central Bank. We also discovered that we agree that we have a great power within us. She says that with this power we can build our dream life. I argue something similar. We can make our world a heaven on earth when we start getting aligned with The Light.

Christophor Coppes

Christophor-Coppes-11-200x300Christophor Coppes holds a PhD in economics and has worked for many years in the banking industry. His interest in near-death experiences dates to 1979, when he read Raymond Moody’s Life After Life. A few years ago, he wrote a book in which he compares the essence of NDEs with those of five world religions. In 2008, he became president of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) in the Netherlands, where he lives. He shows his human interest by being involved as volunteer in setting up and participating in dental camps in some developing countries.


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