Look at this lovely flower.

It sure knows how to sell itself for a photo. This flower stands out in the trail and makes itself noticed.

How many times have you read articles about people who knew how to project their personality in ways that opened doors for them? Interestingly, many clients I meet tell me that they don’t believe they can get the outcomes they want. Their thoughts fall short of thinking that they can get “as good or better” than they’ve imagined for themselves. They often say that mastering the belief they can get what they want is intimidating or illusive.

Whether you are 14, 24, 34, 54, or 94, never give up on believing in yourself. You’re never too young or too old to discover what makes you stand out. There are so many noted personalities that share the commonality of not giving up on their dreams. And often in some odd or synchronistic way, a door opened for them and they walked through it to have a life changing success.

A true feeling of fulfillment comes when you are doing what you enjoy. Living a life of mediocrity might then be described as never daring to try the things you love. To make your intentions work, you need to believe in and dare to do what is most meaningful to you. Real freedom is being able to live your life the way you want. Your thoughts are powerful and they can turn your intentions into material things, opportunities and supportive relationships.

Here is an intention I use to add plenitude to my life. “Each day and in every way, my thoughts have the power to attract the best people and events for me, to me. Each day I am moving toward my goals, and following through on what I want my life to become. I am following through in a hopeful yet practical manner. I allow for events, opportunities, and situations to find me, because I am consciously and subconsciously looking for them. I believe the events I want to experience can fall into place, even if at the moment if feels like I’m trying to put a camel through the eye of a needle.”

You are the keeper of today. You can uplift your thoughts or push them down. Let go of yesterday’s disappointments so you focus on what’s right about today.

Lesson: Expect to have better tomorrows. They’ll come.