This is the peak of the flowering season in Garland Park.

On the Mesa it doesn’t get better than this. As far as you can see for miles are flowers that range from a few inches to a few feet tall. The color is stunning. In about a month these flowers will go to seed and then start the cycle of regeneration for next years blossoming.

This blog is about teamwork. Right now the leaves and stems of every plant is helping their  “neighbor” by sheltering the ground so that the roots are protected from the hot sun. Also, when the flowers go to seed again, the leaves and stems will provide nourishment for the next generation of plants to come to life.  These flowers also protect so many small creatures. You can see so much teamwork going on if you look carefully at this massive field of nature.

In teamwork there are often two managerial styles: Negative reinforcement for productivity or positive reinforcement for productivity. That is, the boss uses scare tactics and highly competitive systems to motivate a team, or, the boss uses positive team building resources to enhance performance. Sometimes there is intermittent managing in which both are used.

In a recent poll taken by USA TODAY, 25% of managers said it was most challenging to deal with issues between co-workers and 22% said it was most challenging to motivate team members. 15% said it was most challenging to do performance reviews. I wonder if more managers used positive reinforcement to encourage their employees, if these numbers would change. What do you think?

Lesson: Team work is a state of mind.