This is a series of three photos… Garland Park’s waterfall.

If you have been to Yosemite Falls or the stunning Niagara Falls, or Japan’s famous Water Falls, or Costa Rica’s Falls, …. this could be called a “trickle.”

While it doesn’t compare to the great wonders of the world, the feeling of the rocks and surroundings is nurturing, sublime, and beckons inner solace. (Also, most likely you will have the view to yourself… no crowds.)

Life offers opportunities, the grand and the simple. I like both. My husband and I have taken several 6500+ mile motorcycle trips across the country (and Canada) weathering heat, rain, thunderstorms, and cold… visiting

campgrounds, tiny cabins, and the like, only to have so much fun to do it again. But we have also enjoyed the lap of luxury and this too is awesome.

Lesson: Live your dreams, but don’t loose sight of the priceless little things and moments around you. The trickles in life can be as fun as the gusher experiences.