This is Murphy’s Bridge.

It is fun to cross this bridge because as you walk across it, the perspective changes from a narrow trail overlooking Carmel Valley and Carmel Valley Road, (several hundred feet below), to a grotto with no sign of the “hand of man” except for this bridge. Suddenly you see tall rock walls filled with ferns and foliage that cling to the cliffs above.


I’ve enjoyed stunning view changes across the United States, also in Japan, France, England, Costa Rica, the Caribbean, and more. You turn the corner and the visual experience opens up to a …Wow… a view that takes your breath away or in its own way is memorable.


I liken Murphy’s Bridge to turning toward a fulfilling corner in your life. By choosing what’s really important to you, if you’re in a rut, you can get out of it. There’s an old saying, “What’s the difference between a rut and a grave… four feet.”  Sometimes we can get in a rut. My website invites you to get out of a rut, if you’re currently stuck. It also helps you to make choices for yourself. You can improve your life and let go of situations that hinder you.


Soon you will be meeting my next contributor, Rob Robb on a series of video segments that are fantastic.  Get ready to meet a cross between Robin Williams, Dennis Miller, Bill Maher, Howard Stern, Chris Rock, and Eddie Murphy… yet Rob’s material is totally unique and helps you to think “out of the box” (so you don’t get in a rut.)


Let this photo help you to think about getting more out of life.


Lesson: What makes you happy? Are you doing what makes you happy?