My husband and I call lizards “Whaaaaaas.”

When his children were young they would say, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” whenever they saw a lizard. To them a lizard looked like a miniature dinosaur, and so they would say “Whaaaaaaaaaaaa” (as if they were seeing a dinosaur) and this stuck in our vocabulary, to this day.

So it was fun to take a photo of this “Whaaaaaaaaaaaa!”

When I was a child we found a lizard that had been injured. (My mother embraced taking in injured animals. Sometimes they became a part of the family. Other times we found good homes for them.) Lizzie became a part of the family. We created a lovely lizard home with sticks, rocks, a water pool and plenty of places for her to hide. Lizzie lived with us for many years and enjoyed the luxury of flies (her favorite food) and safety.

I never knew you could have such a bond with a lizard. When she eventually passed, we missed her.

I hope that you find great joy in helping nature … not controlling nature. I laugh at the infamous quote from a previous Alaskan governor … “We can’t let nature run wild.”

So if you find an animal in need, thanks for helping. This lizard posed for me. Usually they run but maybe it wanted to share a message.

Lesson: Nature is meant to run wild, but taking in an injured animal can be reciprocated with appreciation and love …. even a lizard.