This photo was taken on Lupine Loop.


There is a bench in which you can view these lovely pine trees and foliage. Three trees are special to me. I remember when they were only a few feet high. What makes these trees endeared to my heart is that my beloved cat Rocky Boy was laid to rest here when the trees were small.

Rocky Boy was a large, sweet, black cat, who everyone loved… especially Stanley… one of our other cats (an American Short Hair black/and/white). The pines are huge now. It’s amazing how time passes, yet the memories of Rocky Boy are still as fresh as yesterday. Rocky Boy lived to be sixteen and Stanley lived to age twenty-four. I still quietly weep when I see these trees, not in sadness, but in joy of the times we had together, and thankful that his spirit lives in my heart.

Lesson: You can find a sanctuary of beauty for those you have loved and lost… which can add to the memories of the past.