The Enthusiastic Entrepreneur

Energy Passion Vision


October 2011 | “Figuring It Out”

In this chapter I give my readers a boost of confidence as they continue to build their businesses.  Some of the challenges that we face are quite burdensome beyond anything we had expected resulting in many “ Start- Up” companies to give up.

As I mention before, quitting was never an option for me. When you have your goals in place accompanied by an abundance of energy powered by your passion, you will figure it out.  I did.  Often, what we think is the best path to reach our goals will sometimes take quite a few turns making us think we had a setback.  Maybe we did, but we need to find value in these unexpected turns.  It’s all OK, and is part of the process. This is exactly why I started to understand more about creating a spiritual environment in my daily life.  The allowances these changes and challenges gave me, produced the patience and acceptance that I needed to move forward.

When looking back on the amount of energy it took to keep moving forward, I now understand why the title ‘ The Enthusiastic Entrepreneur’ stuck with me.  What I found to be the most interesting of all the experiences I had during this time, was the task of selling my products to stores and their buyers that never met me before. These buyers never heard of my product or company and somehow I secured appointments to do a presentation.  I found that just being myself, doing it my way and thinking : “ if I were the buyer, extremely busy with not a lot of time, what would I want to hear from a new vendor, and how much time should it take” ?

Most everyone I have met that had been in this industry, with countless years  in the business of selling products were astonished that I had no prior sales or business experience yet  landed appointment after appointment.  They would ask me. “ How did I do it”? When I would think about it, the same messages kept resurfacing… messages we live by daily such as “ just be yourself”, “ be genuine” and “don’t give up”.  What I learned from my experience is that “figuring it all out” takes time and patience. Remember to include your own Energy, Passion, and Vision. When you do so, more amazing things happen during the many phases of our business and personal lives.

“Every worthwhile accomplishment, big or little, has its stages of drudgery and triumph; a beginning, a struggle and a victory.” Ghandi

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