This Garland Park image is devoted to the theme of “NOT GIVING UP.”  I call this “the scrawny tree.”

It stands in the foreground of “the Stand Alone tree” that I wrote about in another Garland Park blog.


The Scrawny Tree has had a tough time over the years. Other saplings have died around it because the tree stands in a windy spot and there are no other trees to protect it from the elements. While it looks tired right now, when the rains come its roots will be nourished and give it more strength and holding power in the earth to deal with the gusting winds.


In Spring I can hardly wait to see new leaves and another year of growth. Some of us can be emotionally, mentally, intellectually, or spiritually stunted by our parents, friends, teachers, siblings, or by unexpected circumstances. However, you don’t have to give up.


The goal is to stay focused on your goals. Having a focused attitude helps you to get past the “breaking points” when you want to give up. Awaken the “You-Force” within You. When you stand in front of the “Scrawny Tree” you can feel its “You-Force.”  It has a wonderful presence of resilience.


Lesson: Allow your inner resilience to weather the storms of life.