When I sit on my bench in Garland Park I feel deserving of having this bench.

The other benches in Garland Park are MEMORIAL BENCHES, that is, the person has passed on and the bench is in memory of their life. So you might say, my bench is unique in that I can sit and enjoy it without being in a grave. I feel thankful and deserving of having this opportunity. Let’s talk about DESERVING.


Your thoughts affect your future. I wanted a bench in Garland Park but I thought you had to be dead to have a memorial bench. In talking with the rangers I was able to connect with the person who was in charge of the park program. It took a year and a half to reach my goal, but all along the way I felt deserving of having this outcome in my life.


Do you have difficulty feeling deserving of what you desire? I have clients who say, “I can mentally picture what I want … I just can’t get myself to believe I can have it.” Others say, “I feel silly believing I can do great things.” But let me point out, there is nothing silly in feeling deserving of what is most important to you.


Only you can take action toward what you want. One aspect of deserving is realizing that you are ultimately responsible for your own happiness. While it is commendable to offer unconditional support to those you love, if the sacrifice is too much, how can you give back to yourself? If you expect a better future, you can create a better future. Let this photo give you a sense of “deserving” to live your dreams and create a life with few or no regrets.


Lesson: Think abundantly so abundance can find you.