These tiny white flowers bloom in Garland Park only when the season is matched to their blooming cycle.

In twenty years I have not seen them in such proliferation. One park ranger showed me a small clump of flowers with the exact same bloom but it was purple. He said,

“This is the first time we have seen this variation of color in the park. Jessica you are looking at a very rare season of blossoms.”

I believe it is important to understand the environment and the diversity of nature around us.  Also it is important to keep this diversity alive. Please, Google the Field Museum in Chicago. There is an ongoing exhibit titled, The History of Life on Earth.  This is a very compelling exhibit. It walks you through rooms that start with the Big Bang of the Universe, early evolution, and where nature on earth has evolved today. As you exit the exhibit you see a time clock ticking away showing how many species on earth are going extinct… down to the last few minutes.   The number is shocking. I invite you to learn more and if you love nature and animals …. Get involved in your way.

 Lesson: Every day is a chance to help those in need.