There are many days like this in Garland Park when the clouds, wind, filtered sun and shadows begin to be a regular scenario as fall and winter begin to set into the Monterey Peninsula.

The sun is much lower and darkness comes at 500 p.m. instead of 8:30 p.m. during summer months.

Therefore if you start hiking at 3:00 in the afternoon and it will be pitch dark by 5:00 in the evening, a person needs to plan more carefully regarding what trail they are taking.  More than once I have seen people trekking up the mountain not prepared that they will soon be clouded in darkness.

It is the same way with everyday life. There are numerous age old sayings such as, “Look before you leap”, or, “Haste makes waste”, or, “Get your ducks in a row”.

I hear and feel the pessimism in many people’s lives due to the current economy, global changes, and many unknown factors that challenge us today and in the future. I remind myself daily, “Try to make the best decisions for today and tomorrow.”  On days when I know it is going to be a downpour of rain, I let the plants get wet and nurtured while I stay dry. Believe me, in the past I have had numerous hikes when I hiked down the mountain soaking wet, cold, and muddy.  When it was snowing and hailing my cheeks were feeling the temperature along with my arms and legs. In these instances, the weather came up fast for me because I hadn’t learned the signs to watch and be prepared.


Lesson:  While adversity can be turned around, being prepared is much easier.