How did your two near death experiences help you to be “in the moment” each day and can you explain this way of thinking to others to help them overcome worry or fear when a life crisis or an overwhelming situation appears.

As strange as it may sound, it was not the amazingly, wonderful, life changing experience in a Conversation with God, (in the Light) in which I was “called’ to do” my Life’s Work in Diversity… which helped me understand being “in the moment.”

It was the eight day coma and five year recovery from Left-Frontal-Lobe Traumatic Brain Injury which gave my Mind and my Body the learning gift of ONLY being able to experience  the very present moment.

I was “trapped” within in my body, unable to read or write or walk or talk or even know who anyone else was in my life. Much less I was unable to even be aware of any moments of the past or to even imagine any moments in the future!

So the opportunity we are each given in the present moment, of each crisis is to fully experience and learn whatever there is to learn from the very unique and specific circumstance in which we find ourselves, (perhaps for the very first time.) We are able to feel so much gratitude for moving through the sadness or crisis or loss.



When you were “on the other side” did you reconnect with soul mentors, passed on loved ones, and God? If so, how has this changed your perspective of the Spirit versus the Body and the Mind?

In my experience I was ‘called’ directly and swiftly into a Conversation with God, bypassing others’ experiences of connecting with passed on loved ones or soul mentors; and unlike others who are given a choice to stay or return or even given a choice to return in the same body or the body of a new infant, I was told clearly and directly, “Lewis you are called here to have this conversation and be sent back because you are not doing your Work.”

I am clear that the Mind is greater than the brain, because my brain was in my Body… which was totaled in the accident… yet I have a clear vision of my experience, 100% clear, as clear today as it was in that moment. So I am certain that the MIND is greater then the brain which is part of the Body, and the SPIRIT is very much other than my mind or my body.


Mind, & Body & Spirit are diverse parts of the Whole Self.




 Why do you firmly believe it important to be truthful in all levels of communication?

I am not advocating that we each tell “all” to every person we ever meet. That would be not only impossible but inappropriate; but I do now choose to live in full Truth & Light & Love & Freedom with my most intimate and best friend and partner and expect the same in return.  This relieves any secrecy and dishonesty.  We live in comfort and peace together. All I do and say and think and feel, is as if it is clearly seen and heard and understood, and loved, by my life partner; and I choose the same regarding anything that affects directly or indirectly any other relationship I am in.



 You were in a coma for eight days after your second near death experience. Do you remember this

experience, and has it had any lasting influences in defining your faith, sense of purpose, and identity?

I feel as if I have a cellular memory of my Mind, Body & Spirit together doing and giving all possible, to survive instead of die. But this is beyond what we define as a memory of going into the Light, as I had experienced before, because this time, awakening from my coma, my spirit stayed in my body.

My lasting influences from this experience includes that I am at my core identity fully integrated with Mind & Body & Spirit which is so far beyond and deeper than my ego and personality. At any given moment I am able to share this truth which enables me to recognize beyond blind faith that I AM and YOU ARE and EACH OF US is way beyond anything that appears on the surface.


 You have become an excellent coach for people in all walks of life, including bi-polar personalities. What lessons can you share in helping people believe in themselves and overcome challenges?

I have experienced and learned to share a truth, what Coaches Training International ( says most simply and clearly, “We are each naturally creative, resourceful & whole” and “Have all the answers within us.”

I learned from a Traumatic Brain Injury, to go into the center of my SELF, the authentic and essential core Self and Spirit, which I liken to (just like the center of a tornado where even a feather is still). Self and Spirit is surrounded and affected by all that has happened and continues to happen around our core Spirit, but realize it has never been and can never be killed, or raped, or abused, or damaged, or depleted in any way!

So challenges don’t even have to be ‘overcome’ as much as just experienced and learned from, as we move through them (not over or under or around them), into the Light on the other side!



 Through your project of rescuing horses, you have developed an understanding of horses.  How did you create this refuge, and how are you expanding the animal/human communication experience?

My partner Kimberly Carlisle as an Olympic swimmer felt attracted to the similar athletic skill of thoroughbred race horses and created a non-profit organization named after her first horse Flag, for the purpose of rescuing horses from slaughter. We now do workshops. The horses instinctively notice our authenticity in the moment just as they notice in the wild when a mountain lion is hungry by “reading” the moment. This enables us to practice how to increase our authenticity not only with horses but thereby with the individuals with whom we interact.



What do you see happening in the next decade for Human Diversity and raising human consciousness on the planet?

Through whatever challenge or crisis or specific doorway we each enter and then learn, we are discovering more and more our simultaneous Oneness and unique Differentiation as mutual gifts to one another, and wanting to live together at all levels of more or less intimacy with more Peace & Love & Light & Truth & Freedom !


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