The world is incomplete without you in it

Christophor Coppes


One of the things that ring out clear from studying Near-Death Experiences is that there is a good reason why each of us is on Earth.


According to NDEers the answer is supposed to be very simple and very easy to comprehend, but not here in this extremely restrictive four-dimensional world of ours and not with our limited brains. During their NDE the answer is very clear, but back here they cannot remember it anymore. Nevertheless, they have some good pointers as to what the reason for our stay on Earth might be. I would like to mention one from which it becomes clear that all of us are indispensable. To put it differently, the world is incomplete without each of us in it.

The pointer that I would like to mention is that we all have an important task to fulfill on Earth. None of us would be here if we wouldn’t have a valuable task. These tasks may not be something important in the earthly sense, but it is always something important to the Unity Universe. I prefer to speak of Unity Universe, because from NDEs it becomes very clear that everything and everyone is thoroughly interconnected. We are all connected through the unconditional love of The Light. It is in all of us and in all of nature. That we have The Light in us is another reason why all of us are incredibly important. One NDEer summarized this by saying: “All is everything, and everything is One”. If you want to read more about this notion of interconnectedness and the reality of Unity Universe, see my other blog post “It gets better” and my book mentioned at the end of this blog.

So all tasks are important to Unity Universe, be it sweeping streets or crunching numbers. But it could also be something else, like raising kids, learning to deal with ailing parents or setting up a firm where people can work. We should also know that it might not be just one task we have, but several. In any case our tasks are here to give us the opportunity to learn about love and to increase it. Enhancing love in the world is extremely important, because it in fact means to increase the amount of positive energy in it. By enhancing love we contribute to the world, to nature and to the lives of others and ourselves. This idea is consistently confirmed in NDEs.

When it comes to fulfilling our task we seem to have limited room for maneuvere. We have to do; there is no choice. And if we try to avoid it, we will discover that we will meet increasing opposition. Things will work against us until we start attending to our tasks and start accepting our destiny. Therefore it is better to be in alignment with Unity Universe, or with The Light, because then we will discover that things will develop smoothly. The freedom we have lies in the way we fulfill our tasks. We can choose to do it sloppy or coldheartedly, but we can also decide do it in a loving way and with great consideration for others.

There is one rigorous way in which we can choose to avoid fulfilling our task. It is called suicide. While attending an NDE conference in Houston I spoke with a man who had once felt utterly useless. According to him at that time, his life insurance was worth more than he. He decided to drink a lot of Martini without rocks, but with a lot of pills. When he was rosy enough, he took his car and sped into a solid wall. He miraculously survived. During his NDE he could see everything the doctors did in the operating room; he had 360 degrees vision without glasses. But he also saw the effect of his act. He was astounded by it. He saw it ripple through time.

He said: ‘Everything has a purpose. The world is right as it is. It is very well constructed. We don’t know what we are supposed to do, but we have a purpose.’

He became aware that his presence in the world was required. No matter what his situation on Earth was, he realized that he was indispensable. And being indispensable did not only apply to him: everyone is indispensable. He understood that there is a good reason for everyone to be here. Fortunately, during his NDE he was given a choice to go back to his body and continue his life. His answer was wholeheartedly ‘YES!’, even though he saw that after all the necessary surgery he would look like Frankenstein. Immediately he was back.

If he had stayed, his act would have created huge negative ripples that would cross through the entire Unity Universe, just like a stone tossed in a pond. In fact, any of our acts has that ripple creating effect, also the loving ones. It is because in this Unity Universe we are thoroughly interconnected. Whatever you do, it has effect elsewhere.

Many NDEers tell me similar things. One woman saw what the effect of all her acts were on others and on nature. She became very happy with the acts through which she had shown her love, because she saw how the energy in the world increased. However, it was painful to see her loveless acts and the acts that were borne out of selfishness. But worse than this painful feeling with these loveless acts, was the feeling that she had failed in seizing the opportunity to add energy to the world.

Now we know one little part of the puzzle. This is one of the important pointers that I meant: We all have a task on Earth; we all have a destiny. We create ripples in how we attend to this task. This is our creative power. The positive ripples are the ones we will be happy with when we look back on our lives. So we are indispensable because we have tasks, but we are also indispensable for creating the right, energy enhancing ripples.

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