The image you are seeing is a tree that once stood very tall with many limbs.

This tree was very impressive, and then in a storm it fell. Ten years have passed and I have watched how nature grooms this tree. It appears silent and mostly hidden, yet still very impressive. One day it will be taken over by the forest, a memory of the past.

Let this tree be an inspiration for you to follow your dreams.  It lives on making an impact to the forest.

Consider not holding onto a past that broke you down. What do you want to achieve? What talents within yourself do you want to explore?

You are in control of your activities, attitude and behavior. You are in control of bettering, changing, enhancing and improving your life. Happiness is chosen. It doesn’t happen to you. I am happy every time I see this tree. And when it is eventually covered by the forest, I will remember it and feel happy.

Lesson: When things fall away allow yourself to let go of unpleasant memories that are associated with the past. You can recreate yourself.  Remember the goal isn’t to rehash disappointments or accommodate difficult people. It’s to do what you enjoy and to be yourself.