American politics has turned against the American people

Christophor “Bob” Coppes

I am a European with a great love for the US. I have family in Connecticut and in California.

And I’ve got many friends there but also scattered throughout the rest of the US. I am genuinely interested in what is happening in your wonderful country, but cannot help feeling a bit weary when I look at your politics. I know that here in Europe we have mounting financial problems, but I am afraid that in the US you are not quite through your problems either. All these problems have the same origination and until we do something about that, we will see that these problems won’t really disappear. I am convinced that we will only get through these problems once we understand that we have to change our focus from short-term self-interest into a focus on our long-term “our-interest”. I came to this idea after speaking to many Near-Death Experiencers. Several of them have predicted the current crisis well before it happened, and some told me they aren’t surprised at its development. All of them agree with me when I state my thorough belief in the absolute necessity to change our focus, but it requires the right political attitude. And during the last few decades, politics in the US have really turned very sour and that doesn’t really help to bring a solution near. Let me give some of the more recent lows in politics.


Lying has become normal

One is that lying has become normal and that the public starts thinking it is acceptable. Politicians tell lies to demean and discredit their opponent and to increase fear in the American people. Both are wrong. Fear and lying are negative energies; they destroy positive energy. In addition, there is something interesting about lying.  In your country politicians do their utmost best to demonstrate their Christian attitude. But at the same time lying is thought acceptable. Funny, because lying is also a trespass against the ninth commandment: not to bear false witness against our neighbor. Can you understand that I find some politicians rather hypocritical?

Here is an example. During but also after his first election campaign there were people who spread the rumor that Obama was not born in the US and that he is a Muslim. The purpose of this obvious lie was to frighten Americans by associating him with terrorists. Those who started this lie had the dishonest intention to distort the truth in order to influence the outcome of the elections. And besides, what is wrong with being a Muslim? The Light loves everyone, and it might startle some of us, but this even includes Muslims. The Light unconditionally loves everyone.

A more recent example: Do you remember this other successful Republican presidential candidate, Santorum, who made people believe that in the Netherlands elderly people wear bracelets indicating: ‘Do not euthanize me’. He told his electorate that in my country half of the elderly people are euthanized involuntarily at hospitals because they are old and sick. Well, I can assure you that we don’t go about killing old people, and that if it would happen, our legal system would take up arms to do something about it. Euthanasia in the Netherlands is voluntary, but the initiative is with the patient and there are very, very strict rules to be followed by the patient, the doctors and the family. I know this, because my terminally ill brother who suffered excruciating pains chose to follow that route, which was not as easy as Santorum makes it sound.

A third example: Mrs Palin of the tea party started similar lies when she told people that the Obama health-care reform proposals would foster death panels that would promote euthanasia in the US, like they do in the Netherlands. There are no death panels in my country, nor will the new health-care system in the US create anything like that. The only reason she said that, was to breed fear and to demean her opponents.

I think that supplying disinformation is evil and is not something that would fit an advanced democratic country like the US. It is more something you would find in dictatorial countries, like Iran, Syria, Zimbabwe or Russia. Disinformation hampers reaching good decisions. I am afraid that there are many more examples and that telling lies in American Politics has become somewhat symptomatic.

Denying health-care to many people

Now we are at it, another low is the way in which the legislation on health-care reforms was done. Keep in mind that God or The Light that people see in their NDEs loves everyone (see my other blogs). There are no lesser souls. Now look at the health-care in the US and compare it with the many different health-care systems currently running in Europe. In the US there are many tens of millions of people uninsured and blocked from getting any form of health-care. In Europe everyone is insured and no one is excluded from any treatment. Moreover, the cost of health-care in the US as percentage of GDP is much higher than in Europe. The differences cannot be explained by assuming that the healthcare in the US is better. The healthcare in Europe is at least just as good.

For me the many, many people in the US who ferociously tried to block any form of health-care for those 46 million people who were excluded from it miss out on something essential in life. They lack basic compassion with their fellow man. It is extremely loveless to deny needy people these basic needs.

Taxes can be beneficial

A third low is the way in which the financial problems in the US were addressed. While the world was watching baffled how the Republicans and Democrats fought over if and how to increase the debt ceiling, time ran out and the moment the US was going into technical default came near. This whole episode was a disgrace for the American people. A default was only avoided because your president could not let that happen and gave in to some of the Republican demands. His plan was to tax the extremely wealthy people somewhat more, but suggesting a tax increase in the US seems like an indecent proposal.

I risk that you stop reading any further when I ask you: why? Why are Americans so adamant against paying taxes. Of course I agree that taxes are bad when the revenues are not used for increasing the benefit of the people in general. But taxes can be used for a whole host of good purposes. Taxes can be good! It is when they are beneficial to the country and the people in it. Taxes are a kind of membership fee to be part of a certain community and to increase its standing and wellbeing.

At this time when the US is running a debt of just over 100% of GDP (and growing) it is time to start asking a higher membership fee, and ask it from the ones who won’t feel it in their wallet: the extremely rich (Warren Buffet agrees with me). By the way, economists generally consider a debt of 90% of GDP just sustainable. Beyond that, risks increase. Currently, your country has a debt trajectory that far exceeds this important marker of 90%: your country is in undesired territory. There is a warning because financial crises have dwarfed countries that were hit. Examples are Ireland, Argentine, Greece. Of course, it takes a lot to dwarf the US, but don’t test economic laws.

Personally, I wouldn’t mind paying a bit higher taxes when it would help maintaining the sophisticated way of living we have reached in my country. Eventually I would profit from that as well. We are living in one of the richest countries in the world. The per capita income is just $ 100 lower per annum than in the US. But when you leave out the 10% of the highest incomes, the per capita income in my country is much higher than in your country. My estimation is that the difference is 15% (this is based on a specific statistic, the Gini-coefficient).

Become again the land of the opportunity

There is a lot you and your politicians can do to empower the American people. You were the land of the opportunity, but less so than other advanced economies. The reason is that your system as it has developed denies opportunities to the people at the bottom. By doing that, you don’t benefit from their potential. Therefore, invest in people and in nature. Invest in good education for everyone, in good health-care for all, and in a healthy environment. The current American system is not geared towards education for poor children, or towards sufficient nutrition for poor families, or towards the preservation of the environment where our next generations have to live. It is geared at keeping the economy as it is, even though we see great flaws in the way our current economies work. One example flawed current economic system is that during peacetime there has never been any greater destruction of wealth than during the current crisis. If you add the worldwide write-downs on so called toxic assets to the losses on all the stock markets in the world in 2008 and 2009 the loss is a whopping 26 trillion dollar. This is twice the GDP of your country! Will you now believe that we have to change? And it is very easy to see what the best direction of the change would be: focus on our long-term “our-interest” instead of our short-term self-interest. It will be good for others and our selves, and eventually it will make us much happier.