1. I have heard that being born in a privledged life can be the “golden handcuffs” or the “golden life”. What is your opinion on this?

I believe that we have either chosen or been ‘called’ to enter whatever life we are in to learn whatever we need to learn to further enhance our evolution, so it is without shame or blame that I live my life noticing with gratitude both my assets and my liabilities, and noticing as well that each asset has its cost and that each liability has its benefit.


Therefore, as the twelfth generation in America of a paternal family whose privilege was past on for the last six generations by one of the founding families of two major corporations and two states, and as the fourteenth generation of a maternal family from the Mayflower whose privilege was past on for the last two generations by the founding family of one major corporation and one of the architects of the Marshall Plan, I was granted the assets of private education and ethics and health and love and freedom along with the liability of unconscious class rightiousness and ignorance of deep ethnocentism.


The greatest personal cost of the privilege was that by learning to perform on my surface as well as was expected I was never required to discover from within, and thereby never experienced feeling ‘seen’ and valued and respected for my individually unique inner core self; and the benefit of my liability of ethnocentrism was that my greatest lifelong learning has been how to bridge whatever gap was caused by whatever cultural and/or class difference had kept my Spirit from connecting authentically with the Spirit of any other.


2. Your work over the last thirty years in Griggs Productions (www.Griggs.com) includes two highly successful books Going International and Valuing Diversity, and twenty-three award-winning cultural diversity training videos & guides titled Going International and Valuing Diversity and Valuing Relationship and Human Energy at Work, and even a three-hour cultural diversity e-learning program titled The Potential is Yours.  What got you involved in the area of “cultural diversity” in life with “cultural unity” in the corporate world?

Given my upbringing and even after my graduation with an MBA from Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business in 1980, it may or may not surprise you or anyone that it was a business meeting at the genetic engineering company where I worked in which my interactions with visiting Japanese pharmaceutical executives enabled me to experience for the first time in my life at age thirty-five, that instead of me feeling lucky that they and most others had needed to learn my language and my cultural way of being, that instead they and others who are bi-lingual and bi-cultural have the advantage in life and at work of knowing more about me and my culture and how to interact with me than I know about them and their culture and how to interact with them !


So my bi-lingual and bi-cultural wife and I co-created the first cultural diversity training videos & guides and workshops and national conference to train leaders of U.S. organizations how to recognize the personal & interpersonal & organizational liability of their own deep ethnocentrism and how to manage and maintain and interact more successfully with employees and clients and customers of vastly different cultures.


3. You have a very unique perspective, having survived two Near Death Experiences.  What are the significant lessons you learned?

I have shared with very few until now that it was my first Near Death Experience on 11 March 1977 in which I was ‘Called’ from my totalled automobile in Berkeley CA into pure White Light to have a ‘Conversation with God’ in which I discovered that we all come from the Source at which we are all One, and that it was only my upbringing and consequent ethnocentrism which kept me from bridging the gap between my Spirit and the Spirit of any whose human diversity did not match mine, and at which point I was told “Then that is your Work” and was sent back down into my Body to integrate with my Mind and my Spirit to make my own cultural diversity consciousness my Life’s Work and to share my learning professionally with others in the workplace !  My primary learning was to remember that at the Source we are all One 🙂 !


In my second Near Death Experience on Father’s Day 15 June 1997 during a white water river trip with my two children in which a 100′ tall cottonwood tree fell off the bank of the Middle Fork of the Flathead River in Glacier Park MT while we were going by and fractured my skull so severely that my Traumatic Left-Frontal-Lobe Brain Injury resulted in my experiencing in coma the gift of an eight-day recovery from death, and then the gift of a three-year recovery to regain 70% of my ability to read and write and walk and talk, and then for the last eleven years the ongoing gift of continued recovery of now 90% of the multitasking we humans so take for granted and for which I now have 100% gratitude every minute of every day !  My primary learning was to remember that it is at the very inner core center of my Body & Mind & Spirit (where I was trapped and where as in a tornado there is such stillness that even a feather doesn’t move) that I AM  🙂 !


And the answer in response to others who ask why I needed to get hit so hard twice is that in order to more fully integrate my Mind & Body & Spirit I needed to learn that it is simultaneously true without conflict that We are All One (which I learned from being ‘called’ all the way OUT of myself into the Light in my Conversation with God) and that I also just AM my unique core self (which I learned by being trapped all the way IN myself during my coma and my recovery process).  !


4. What is your current message today?


Whether in my Human Spirit at Work diversity training or my Co-active Coaching work or my Near Death Experience work or my Horse/Human Partnership work, my ongoing learning and sharing every day is that we are simultaneously all One and uniquely different gifts to one another, and that we are each naturally creative and resourceful and whole and have all the answers we need within us, and that we can only receive as much authenticity from others and be clearly seen by others as we are able to present to others and to clearly see others, and that whatever doors we come through each on our own path we are finally beginning to recognize that we are all moving toward and discovering and valuing the same Love & Light & Truth & Freedom 🙂 !


5. What is your perspective on creating a lasting relationship?

I am discovering that all our relationships ‘from the boardroom to the bedroom’ are requiring the same consciousness mentioned above only at different degrees of personal intimacy, and that for my most personal and most intimate relationship to be lasting and ever evolving and growing requires 100% Light (with which all must be able to be known and seen) & Truth (with which all must be honest and authentic) & Love (with which all must be accepted without judgment) & Freedom (with which all must be chosen with free will) 🙂 !


6. You have a powerful message for women that have been abused. Please share how you help them overcome trauma?


No matter what abuses or crises any Body has experienced, I have learned in both my Near Death Experiences that it is only the Body and the Mind which can be abused or injured or even killed, and NOT the Spirit … and therefore that without ignoring or denying the abuse or the injury to the Body or the Mind it is not just possible but it is simply SO that the Spirit is 100% alive and undamaged and creative and resourceful and whole at the very inner core of one’s self (as if at the very center of the tornado where even a feather is still) and is therefore Free to Live and Love in Truth and Freedom every minute 🙂 !


  7. How do you keep looking younger and more handsome over the years?


We all know that the Body doesn’t quite keep looking younger and more attractive over the years, but many of us are discovering that the Mind and the Spirit are able to become ever more attractive by evolving more and more every day depending on the amount of Light and Love and Truth and Freedom with which we are able to nurture ourselves and all others with whom our paths cross 🙂 !