Rob Robb is one of today’s most dynamic “forward thinkers” who has a powerful and unforgettable message.

Put Robin Williams, Bill Hicks, Howard Stern, Chris Rock and Bill Maher on one stage, and you will have Rob Robb. Rob is both famous and infamous for getting you to take notice of the world around you. His irreverent vocabulary, hilarious storytelling, and eye-opening ideas keep you … wanting more! Rob’s material is completely unique and original.

Enjoy a fantastic 2 hour show filmed in a four part series

You don’t want to miss this Series filmed in high-definition. Each time you watch Rob Robb, you will LEARN or UNLEARN something meaningful for your life. Each segment is filmed in one continuous take with no editing. There are no outtakes because Rob’s delivery is flawless.

The high definition DVD is now available for purchase ($15.00). Reserve your copy today by Clicking HERE.

~ Enjoy,

Part 1

Your I-dentity

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