Wow, so many grand scale violations of the 3rd Commandment!

Christophor Coppes

Great amazement is what comes over me when I see how many Americans go about their religion. It is because I often see a grand scale violation of the third Commandment. Let me explain this.

When I am abroad for work, I love to follow the news through CNN. Recently I was in Paris and CNN brought a bit of “breaking news”: Evangelicals had advised voters not to vote for Romney because he is a Mormon. Now I don’t mean to discuss politics here, but I need this piece of “advise” to make my point. As you may know, the third Commandment states that we should not use the name of God in vain. Usually this is thought to mean that we shouldn’t swear, but that is only partly true. Much more important is that we shouldn’t use God or the reference to God for our own purposes. It means that we shouldn’t demean or discredit others in the name of God. And we shouldn’t pretend that we know what God wants in order to get what we want for ourselves, or to impose our will on others.

That is exactly what happens in this example. A certain group of people has the intention to discredit one candidate because they want the other to win. In this way they use God for their own purpose. And trust me, this is one of the most serious misuses of God’s name.

Another clear example? Michelle Bachmann, a presidential candidate, has made it clear that the recent earthquake just south of Washington DC and the terrible hurricane Irene that struck New England in the same week were an indication of God to listen to what she has to say. So to speak, it was a kind of punishment for Washington’s wrong way politics. What she actually says is that God chose her side, and that everyone has to listen to what she has to say. If they don’t, God may strike with another quake or storm. She uses God for her own cause, which is an obvious violation of the third commandment. In addition I can also assure you that God or The Light doesn’t punish. This I conclude from Near-Death Experiences (NDEs). The Light that is seen in NDEs is unconditional love and I don’t know of a single NDE in which The Light becomes angry and imposes punishments on people.

I invite you to look around for other violations of the third commandment, and whilst you are on the lookout, you’ll discover many examples too. Need another example of a violation? This time I will give you a double violation: of the third and ninth commandment. The ninth is about not bearing false witness. Do you remember the last presidential campaign between Obama and senator McCain? During this campaign many people were made to believe that Obama is a Muslim. The purpose of this obvious lie was to frighten them by associating him with terrorists. Those who started this lie had the dishonest intention to distort the truth in order to influence the outcome of the elections.

Starting a lie about Obama’s religion was intentionally bearing false witness, which is a violation against the ninth commandment. But suggesting that Obama doesn’t believe in God but only in Allah is using the name of God for one’s own purposes, which is again a violation of the third commandment. We should also realize that all of this creates colossal negative ripples in Unity Universe. That is also something we can learn from NDEs (see my book or the other blog posts for more details). Fortunately, John McCain courageously spoke in the defense of Barack Obama, and stopped this negative ripple in its track.

And now for a last surprise: Muslims are considered by The Light to be equally valuable as Christians or atheists. The Light unconditionally loves everyone, and that includes Muslims too. And like it or not, it also includes Mrs Bachmann, even though she violated the third commandment. But I would really be a happy Christophor when she and other people would stop creating all these negative ripples. Our world is already suffering gravely from too many negative ripples that we all have created in the past. The financial and economic crisis is a great example of this ripple effect. Read the other blog It’s not the end of the world, but the beginning of a new one.

(For more on The Light, our life review, non-punishment, and our ripple creating power, read my book Messages from The Light)

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