“Clear the Clutter”

Margie Lehnen-Holtz

Professional Organizer



Question 1.   What are the safety factors for clearing the clutter in one’s house?

Answer: Making sure that I wear a mask and gloves when there is a lot of dust and dirt.


Question 2.    If a person wants to sell their home, why is it important to clear the clutter and visually stage the house?

Answer:   Most, if not all realtors, want this so it is easier for the potential buyer to be able to see the space and to envision their personal belongings in the home.


Question 3.   How do you deal with individuals who are overly talkative or overly quiet in making decisions to better their home environment?

Answer:  Overly talkative clients can be a challenge.  I usually remind them that there is a time limit and if we want to complete the tasks outlined for the day we need to stay focused. With overly quiet clients, I ask a lot of questions and continually engage them in the process.  Sometimes it takes some persistence to get them to respond.


Question 4.   With the downturn in the real estate market, are you seeing people downsizing and needing to lessen their load of possessions?

Answer:  Yes, although some of them have a hard time letting go when they know they must lighten and better their environment.


Question 5.   Do you believe in art of Feng Shui? Have you used this technique to help clients who are inclined in this direction to lessen clutter and feel spiritually in balance?

Answer: I do believe in it, but I don’t use this technique. I refer them to a specialist.


Question 6.  When you clear the clutter for a client, what is the first suggestion you offer to keep the space in order and inviting?

Answer: To always have a “HOME” for all your belongings, including paper and mail.


Question 7.  How much do you think television, media advertising, the internet, and ad campaigns for “buy now” add to clutter? Do you have suggestions?

Answer:  A LOT!  I have two clients that have shopping addictions and get most of their items from QVC or HSN.  They make it way too easy for people to purchase in a matter of seconds.  It is really hard to make suggestions, because they are shopping to fill a need and really need psychological counseling, which won’t happen until they identify that they have a problem.


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