Curb the Clutter Part III

Margie Lehnen-Holtz



Do you find that there are cultural differences in how people gather, keep or let go of possessions? If so, what can we learn from this?


No, most of my clients that I work with have had a variety of life events that have caused them to not keep up with the clutter or have caused them to excessively buy items.



You have helped talking about clearing clutter in homes and apartments, but will this talent of yours also work for people who live on the road in an RV, Eighteen Wheeler transportation truck, or some other home on wheels?


Yes, it doesn’t matter where one lives. It is how they manage the space to make it functional for them



What usually are the first questions you are asked by a potential client? What are the last questions you are usually asked by a client when you finish clearing clutter?


I start the conversation by asking them questions about their project and when they want to get started and then they usually ask me how much I charge?  At the end of a project I usually ask the client if they would like me to check in with them in month or more to see how they are managing the system.  I do not get many questions when a project is finished.  I think they are excited about how clear the space is and need time to live in it. Then they begin to ask me questions.


Question 4.

What are some inspirational mottos to keep a person on track when they are relearning how to redirect their old patterns into more effective new patterns?


I am not sure if they are mottos, but I share with clients that they should try to implement one new pattern at a time and to use it for at least a week to see if it works for them. The systems that I put in place are decided based on time I have spent with the client getting to know what their likes and dislikes are and what they feel they are capable of doing.



If you could do anything else besides help people clear their clutter what would it be? That is, what keeps you interested in growing your company and being the best at what you do?


I can’t think of anything else I would rather do.  I find great satisfaction in helping people in many different ways.  That is what keeps me interested in growing my business.  I also keep myself educated by going to organizing conferences regularly.