This trail leads to a loop that takes you past tall eucalyptus trees, oaks, and bay bushes.  It’s called Cooper’s Loop.

Trail_Garland Park

This trail loop is flat and therefore it attracts a lot of joggers. The center of the loop is grass and low bushes, making the views of the trees and surrounding mountains visible in every direction that you look.

This is a great motivational trail because you see so many joggers out there staying in shape and having fun.

Having a place to go to that is inviting, inspirational, and that inspires you to exercise is important. It’s easy to say, “I’ll go tomorrow” or “exercising is boring” or “I have too many things to do.” So let this photo help you let go of any unpleasant thoughts, memories, or feelings associated with not exercising.

Notice the small sign to the right of the trail. I always imagine that it says, “Thanks for coming today. Your body thanks you!”

Lesson: Praise yourself for breaking old habits that don’t serve you. What negative habits do you want to drop? What positive possibilities do you want to add?