A Marriage Of Reminders

By: Ghada Marta


It seems Handsome Hector’s found him himself a fiance



The Glamorous Miss Daisy Mae!

Yes, it’s true; he’s had a mad crush on this hottie ever since he layed his ONE eye on her photo: his famous four-inch tongue draped out like it did for no other. After viewing her online photo, he commanded his slave (that’s me, the mere human) “Slave, I’d like you to get her for me!” And so hopefully the romance and whirlwind outings will begin to soon blossom. All kidding aside, Daisy Mae and Handsome Hector have actually united here with us on earth to exercise their right to enjoy the life they’ve been given to the fullest, and to serve out their purpose as the two most unlikely Reminders and Ambassadors of love and beauty.


Although Daisy Mae is now living the California Dream (she’s actually hit the Gold Mine!), her heart breaking story serves as a poignant reminder that if we continue to abandon ourselves, our communities and Mother Earth,  our collective “light” will steadily and tragically be snuffed out as was almost the case with Daisy Mae’s soul.


Abandoned, lonely, frightened and with a Spirit so broken that her inner “light” was on the verge of flickering out forever. But Daisy Mae was one of the lucky few. She was brought back to “life” through the love of her adoptive mother Jessica Haynes. Jessica rescued, embraced, cared and nurtured her back into the “light”. Today, when one looks at Daisy Mae she’s got a smile so grand that it stretches back from ear to ear! And she glows with that rare, celestial brightness that makes one think that she may have a secret chorus of Angels residing deep within her Being singing songs of glory and gratitude! Daisy Mae and Jessica show us that Love can breath life back into anything! That love IS our natural state. It’s through the mirroring of Daisy Mae’s abandonment and abuse that we see ourselves and our attitudes reflected right back at us. Daisy Mae’s story asks if we like what we’re seeing in the mirror? Is this who we are as human beings? And is this who we truly want to be?

When we walk by that hungry person, that abandoned animal, that thirsty tree, will we ignore them? Or will we give them what we’d hope to receive on our day of hunger and thirst?


Handsome Hector on the other hand reminds us that there’s no such thing as “ugly”. He has been the global spokes-dog for “ugly is the new beautiful” for quite some time now as one of the top contenders and winners of The World’s Ugliest Dog Contest. “Ugly” to Hector is simply a word, a mere perception and a short sighted belief created by ignorant human beings. So if you think Hector or anything on this precious planet is “ugly” you’ve got another thing comin! Hector walks with his head held higher than most. He strolls and shimmies his bald butt cheeks with the utmost pride and confidence without a care in the world. Hector reminds us that we should all be as oblivious as he is to what society deems “beautiful”. He’s completely unaware, nor does he care, of what others think of him. Imagine that! In fact his inflated pride usually encourages people to change their perception of how he looks and to reconsider what “ugly” really means anyway? Whoever had the audacity to make up that word on a planet so beautiful filled with perfection? And who decided what that word should or shouldn’t apply to? And why have we been blindly following this random act of cruel thought and applying it to other beings without hesitation?

Not a day goes by where I don’t chuckle to myself in sheer amusement that Hector really does love himself A LOT. No amount of public ridicule could affect him. I look at him daily and ask myself why I too can’t have that level of confidence in myself? Then I’m instantaneously reminded that I CAN! And that anyone else CAN too! If he can do it, so can we. This is Hector’s daily reminder to us all.

Be yourself, walk with pride and live everyday feeling your inner “Vogue”.