Restore the greatness of your country

By Christophor Coppes, September 2012

In my previous blog on American politics I made clear that your country is going the wrong way.

It is because politics has turned against the people.


Let me try to illustrate that with what Romney’s running mate says. Paul Ryan wants to restore the greatness of your country. Interestingly, he asks the right questions: What kind of country do we want to have? What kind of people do we want to be? Good questions, indeed. These are the same questions that I mentioned in my book “Messages from The Light”. I agree that we must ask these questions and we must have a vision about where we want to be heading. But I am afraid that his idea of the answers to these questions is not in any way what I have in mind.

My idea is that we are thoroughly interconnected and that everything we do has an effect somewhere else. This is called “The Ripple Effect”. We cannot continue to think only about ourselves. We have to consider the needs of others, nature and our future generations. We are clever enough to know what our future problems are, so let’s deal with them now! My idea is to invest in people (education), in infrastructure (in the summer I drove through the US and saw some very rusty bridges and roads that looked like we were driving in Egypt), and in a sustainable economy in order to preserve the environment also for our children.

Education for all people is important, because it increases the potential of the whole economy. People from poor families have brains too. So let’s use them! At this moment the U.S. doesn’t really do that. For example, going to good universities costs an incredible lot of money. My American cousin has to pay more than 40.000 dollars per year to have her son go to college. I find this outrageous. Most Europeans don’t understand this, because in principle everyone with brains, also the poor, can go to university.

Paul Ryan’s (tea party) ideas are still from the old economy. The old creed is: “Just do what is best for yourself”. That creed (or rather greed) brought us the Great Recession that started a few years ago and that we are still trying to get out of. The idea of the old economy is to reduce taxes and reduce interference with the economy. This would first lead to rich people getting richer, but in a magical way their wealth would eventually trickle down to the ordinary man in the street.

Well, now we know that this didn’t quite work out as planned. It partly worked. Between 1980 and 2010 the income of the 1% wealthiest people in the US doubled. Income of the wealthiest 0,1% tripled. And the wealth of the wealthiest 0,01% quadrupled. That part of the idea worked wonder well. However, in the same period the income of the lowest 90% decreased with 5%. It looks like something is wrong with the trickle down mechanism. Apparently it is a trickle up economy.

There is another interesting aspect of the old economy. In 1983 the 1% wealthiest people in the US owned some 34% of all the registered wealth in the country. That had increased with only 2% to 36% in 2009. Where did the 1% wealthiest people leave the doubling of their income? They didn’t consume it, because that would be quite a challenge. The answer is, they put it away in places where it cannot be registered: tax havens.

There is no tax income on these disappeared billions. This means that those disappeared billions cannot really contribute to the restoration of the greatness of your country. And the restoration has to come from using all the potential there is, also that of the poor. Think about where you want to be heading, and then go that way.

Just another thought to leave you with. The 10% richest people in the world own 84% of all wealth. The top is even more extreme: only 85.000 people have one third of all wealth. In comparison, the poorest 50% of our world own only about 1% of the wealth. Do you really think that this is what The Light (or God if you prefer) has in mind? People with a Near-Death Experience stress that The Light loves everyone unconditionally. Everyone is equally important to The Light. So we should also live up to that idea, which means to help the poor to improve their situation. We would all greatly benefit, because it would increase the potential of human kind.

To read more about the facts, google Inequality, you don’t know the half of it.