Dear Americans, are you still democratic?

Christophor Coppes

I start having my doubts. That started already in 2000 when I was lying in bed in my hotel room in Chicago waiting for the big news: Bush or Gore.

But even as late as 3 ‘o clock there was still no certainty and I had to go to sleep, because I had a lot of meetings in the morning. Later I was appalled by the fact that a legal battle started over the dimples in the ballot papers. If there was so much uncertainty, then why wasn’t it decided that democracy has to go first and have a reelection?

But now I read new stuff about Republicans using the legal system to make it more difficult for especially potential Democratic voters to do their voting. What is the matter with you? I would like to remind you, that if you make it difficult for others to vote, then one day it may turn against you. It sets an example; it is a precedent. The same thing may be used to make it impossible for you to vote.

Eight states have adopted laws that require people to have specific documents in order to vote. Twenty one million people do not own these documents. They will NOT be counted as “We the People”. They will be excluded. This is like stealing the elections. Fortunately, in Florida a court ruled against such a law. But Florida has also reversed a measure that made it possible for people to vote earlier. The state has also adopted rules to limit activities of groups like The League of Women Voters, that try to induce people to register for voting. In Pennsylvania the leader of the Republicans explicitly said that with these strict measures Mitt Romney would surely win the elections in this state. This means that 9% of the people will be deprived of their vote, because that is the percentage of people that Obama is ahead of Romney. And the worst of all: Ohio, the so-called swing state. Here Jon Husted, the Secretary of State, wanted to extend the opening times of the polling station in white neighborhoods only.

Please don’t go that way. Your country has always been a beacon of democracy. When my country suffered from the Nazis, your country was an example for us. That has been the case since the Second World War, but please don’t disappoint me, and others around the world. Differ in opinion as much as you like, but don’t start fiddling with democracy. Don’t turn into one of the many quasi democracies, like Syria, Iran or Venezuela to mention just a few. Instead of making it more difficult, make it easier for “We the People of the United States” to vote; make sure that “We the People” can decide. Don’t bend the rules in such a way that the judge has no other option than to exclude parts of the Afro-American community or the Hispanics from their right. That is not what the founding fathers had in mind. So don’t go that way!

Do something against this, before it is too late. Please stay democratic…