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Christophor Coppes


I am an economist, but foremost a researcher of Near-Death Experiences (NDE)’s, comparing them with the overview of all religions and the essences of the message of religion itself.


In my latest book I compare the overview and essences of FIVE major religions with the awareness and inclusion of NDE’s.  People who have had an NDE are convinced that they have briefly been in heaven, or at least on its doorstep. I wanted to see whether their views and messages correspond with what religions tell us. The title of my book is:

The Essence of Religions.  A glimpse of heaven in the Near-Death Experience.


My previous book on NDE’s (Messages from the Light) is about what we can learn from NDE’s: we are loved beyond our wildest dreams, there are no lesser souls, and each of us is here with a very good purpose (so stay and do your thing.) The most important message, however, is that in our core each of us express our perfection in this world with all its limitations.


In a daily work I am an economist at the Dutch Central Bank (comparable to the Federal Reserve), but my interest in NDE’s led me to have interviewed many NDEers. See also www.ChristophOr.NL


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I am married! That doesn’t sound like something to write about in a blog, but it is. The reason is that I married a man. My country is the first to have allowed same sex marriages. It was April 2001 that the mayor of Amsterdam married a couple of two women and another couple of two men. I know that, by now, in some of the 50 states of the US this is also possible, but I also know that many people in the US don’t understand this and that some are ardent opponents to legalizing such marriages. I have even seen demonstrations where people carry a notice board saying that God hates fags.


But let me remind you, that Jesus didn’t say anything against same sex love, nor did Buddha or Krishna. And that Mohammed is believed to have mentioned something against homosexuality is just because he followed the wrong interpretation of the Judaist text about Sodom and Gomorrah (see my upcoming book “The Essence of Religions”).


But what is more important: God or The Light that is regularly encountered in Near-Death Experiences is all love, unconditional love, and the word hate is not part of its vocabulary. The Light has never indicated that love for the same sex is in any way wrong.


There have been many homosexual men and women who have had an NDE, and to their utter amazement they discovered that their homosexuality was not an issue at all during their NDE. It was simply not important. That was contrary to what they learnt on Earth, where they were supposed to be ashamed of their sexual orientation.

The Light is not interested in anyone’s sex-life, but, instead, is interested in your love-life. And in this case “love-life” should be seen in a very broad sense: how do we fill our life with love for all and everything? Obviously that also includes our partner, regardless of gender.


I am happy with my man, and proud that we were married!