My journey with the Creative Source

I want to share with you my journey with the Creative Source.  In their book Higher Creativity, Willis Harmon and Howard Rheingold wrote about creative expression that is unavailable to ordinary consciousness, but can be accessed when you discover the path to “capture the lightning for personal breakthrough in your own life.”  They provide many examples of how this Creative Source has inspired authors, artists, composers, scientists and religious leaders.  My connection with the Creative Source has been one of the most important influences in my life.

When I graduated Stanford in 1966, I was rational, left brain and scientifically oriented.   At that time I would have believed that it would be impossible for me to be an artist as I lacked that kind of imagination.   And I was an agnostic who was not interested in the spiritual dimension of life.  My dissertation had focused on using relaxation and visualization to overcome the fear of snakes.  And I can even remember a visit by Ram Dass to our graduate class as I joined my other friends in questioning the validity of  what he shared with us.

Then in 1970, my wife Jan and I encountered one of the most painful experiences of our lives.   Our eight month old baby Leslie died suddenly of crib death.
In the the midst of that tragedy, synchronicities emerged that opened me to a spiritual dimension.   I was at pharmacy and saw the book:  How to Know God: The Yoga Aphorisms of Pantajali by Swami Prabhavandanda.     I remember being aware that all that I had learned in school had not prepared me to live through this crisis.  I was open to reach for greater understanding, so I purchased and read that book.

But on the very same day, I went to the supermarket and saw a pamphlet advertising a yoga course that included discourses on Pantajali’s sayings. I was immediately aware of the coincidence and brought that brochure home. My wife and I wanting to find a path for healing  and took the class led by Kersee Bulsara.   Another coincident was that in 1970 Muktananda was  one of the very first Indian gurus to come to America and teach about higher consciousness.   Kersee became his disciple which led my wife and I to participate in Muktananda’s  first presentations and satsangs. I began to see how coincidences, which I now refer to as synchroncities can lead us on new and transforming paths.

In 1972, Jan and I went to the Saratoga Rotary Art show.  I was very attracted to a sculptural painting by Vjali (, but also recognized that it was more expensive than our budget would allow. My wife Jan also felt deeply moved by this painting of a woman meditating and her other self, her spirit self, almost floating next to her.  The painting was called The Other self.  It  had carved marble as a foundation for the oil painting.

We walked around and looked at all the exhibits but felt a very strong pull to return the beautiful painting of the Other Self.  We talked to the artist Vjali and told her about our dilemma. She encouraged us to invite her and her husband for dinner and we could discuss the painting.  When we began our dinner together, Vjali said that she knew the painting was meant for us and we could take as long as we needed to pay for it.  Then Vjali told us her life story.   In her earlier life she lived in an ashram in India.   And I could feel the hair raising on my body as she shared that her master was Swami Prabhavananda who wrote the book about Pantali’s sayings that began my exploration into spirituality.

I continued to explore spirituality and its many pathways over the years and I was more open to the possibilities of being guided in magical ways and experiencing the gifts of spirit in my life.  Then in 1985 my father sent me an article from the Detroit News.  My father never had any interest in psychology so I was amazed when he sent me an article about Roger Callahan
who had written a book called The Five Minute Phobia Cure.

In this book Roger Callahan discovered that tapping on specific acupressure points on the body while the client imagined or thought about the fearful situation would transform the fear in a very short period of time. ( I realized that my father knew I had studied  about healing phobias at Stanford and that I might be interested in this new methodology.  He did not know, however, that sending me this article would become another life changing event.

I immediately purchased the book and began learning its revolutionary approach.  Within a few weeks, I was working with a client who told me that she was very anxious because she would soon be required to be the mistress of ceremonies and a presenter at her annual corporate gathering in front a very large audience.  She told me that she had a lifelong fear of public speaking.  The only way she got through the evening was to attempt to drink enough to dull her fears but not so much to be noticeable. It was like walking on a tight rope line with no net.

There was not enough time to use the method I learned at Stanford to help her as that approach took several weeks.  So I told her about the new method I had just learned and showed her the book that was on the table next to my chair. She said she was open to trying anything that might help her get through that overwhelming evening.  So we used the method of tapping on her acupressure points while she imagined giving the speech. Even though she did feel calmer after a while, she could not really believe that it would make a difference.

So I was very curious what would happen when she came to her next session after the corporate meeting.  I met her in the waiting room and she had a big smile on her face.  She told me that a miracle happened to her. Not only was she not afraid at all, but she discovered that she was a very entertaining public speaker.  She could not wait for the next opportunity to speak in public.

Another door had opened.  I began to read every book that I could find about energy healing.  And I knew it was risky to actually be physically touching a client in any way, but I realized the potential of these methods and made a commitment to develop an expertise in the area of energy healing.  In fact, the American Psychological Association only accepted the validity of these methods in 2012, over twenty five years after I first began using them.   Now there are thousands of healers around the globe using this successful approach for healing.(

One of the methods that Callahan also taught was manual muscle testing which had been use for a long time in Kinesiology.   In this method the client extends his or her arm out to the side.  The healer presses on the wrist while asking the client to resist.  If the client says something that is true or is focusing on something that is positive, then the arm remains strong.  If the client says something that is false or is focusing on something that is negative, then the arm becomes weakened and collapses to the side of the body.   It is hard for clients to believe that the energy field can reflect such a dramatic difference, but after many trials they realize that this phenomena really happens. (
Around the same I read the book that I mentioned at the beginning of this article:  Higher Creativity by Willis Harman and Howard Rheingold.  This is what they say about the Creative Source:

“Clearly the breakthrough experience is not limited to geniuses and visionaries, and the utility of consciousness-related tools is not limited to art and invention.  Any experience that can solve our deepest problems has the power to change the way we lead our lives as well.  …one source has remained constant throughout history, tapped by people of every time, to their own and the world’s benefit.   If the sages are to be believed, inner teachers, helpers, and guides are available to all of us, ready to respond to our requests for assistance.  This knowledge is not new. What is new is both the possibility of that knowledge being made widely available.   The very idea that we all have higher capabilities which are latent but attainable is a revolutionary notion.  Wouldn’t this, in fact, be “higher creativity”?   Each of us has the capacity to become much more than we think we can be, if we choose to stop believing otherwise.”

One day it occurred to me that perhaps I could use manual muscle testing to make direct contact with the Creative Source.  There would be a leap of faith, because I would be asking questions that the client’s conscious mind did not know.  For example,  I wanted to know if I could use muscle testing  to find out when certain problems actually began, which treatment modalities would be the best for my client.   In other words, I wanted to use muscle testing as if I were communicating with a master therapist who knew more about healing than I did.  I could have the client make statements that represented these possibilities and get an indication of their validity.

I gradually became convinced that I was able to communicate with this Higher Guidance that literally retrained me as a healer.  I was discovering with amazement that this approach often led me to therapeutic break throughs and healing that exceeded my prior abilities.  I was essentially being retrained as a psychologist by the Creative Source.  Muscle testing in contact with the Creative Source led me to include the spiritual dimension more frequently and to explore the roots of problems, including past lives.  I was accessing possibilities for healing that transcended my own long held rational beliefs. The success of this approach led me to do Creative Source trainings for around ten years and to become an active board member and participant in the Association for Past Life Therapies.

Now I would like to share with you how the same Creative Source became an inspiration in my photography.  I had been an avid photographer for many years.  I was technically proficient and able to take beautiful pictures when Jan and I travelled, especially of nature.

Beginning in 2008, I became interested in close up and macro photography. I took several classes that would help me develop these skills.  I was enjoying the experience of taking time to look very closely at what I was viewing before I took a picture.

About a year later in 2009, my wife Jan and I were at our condominium in Monterey.   The sun was setting and the light was glowing in our kitchen-living room.  On the counter was a bowl that Jan had purchased from Crate and Barrel.  The bowl was filled with water and there was a beautiful rose floating on the surface illuminated by the sunshine. I decided to take a close up image of the rose.  As I came closer to the flower,  I saw the reflection of the rose in multi-colored reflective surface of the bowl.   I took an image of the rose and the reflection at the same time.


Once again in my life a new door opened.  I felt at that moment the Creative Source joined me in my love of taking photographs. It was as if we had worked together for many years in my career as a healer and now we would be playing together in my passion as a photographer.

New ideas and possibilities came to me that I do not believe I would have considered in the past.  For example, one day I remembered a science project I did as a child.  In this experiment, I would put droplets of food coloring in milk and when I touched them with a tooth pick of  soap they would explode.   So I put a flower in a rectangular bowl filled with milk and then put in drops of food coloring, then touched them with dish soap.  When the explosion happened, I began to take photographs.  Of course, the time to take an image was very short and then the milk became a dirty brown.  So it took patience to try this experiment many times before I created some images that I really like.


So once again I began my investigation into books that could teach me about the relationship of creative expression and the Creative Source. One of the most useful was a book written by Aviva Gold with Elena Oumano called Painting from the Source:

“This repository of images is like a river that runs through you and around you, a river in which you are completely at home. This river is the source. And you have been painting from the source, which is how I describe a universal creative process that returns you to your natural state of oneness with the Divine Creator.
Imagine being so rooted in that creative source, in that overwhelming sense of oneness, that not even an unwelcome critical reaction could move you from the truth of what you paint. Do you lack this deep connection with your creativity? Do you sense how glorious this source connection could be and how much it could enrich your life?

The source infuses the Creation that we humans reenact whenever we ourselves create. The source is chaos within order, order within chaos, constant change and flux. It is itself  the process of evolution. The source demonstrates its sounds and logic through music, myth, and song; its, movement through dance and athletic skill. Poetry and literature are its speech. And images-painting, color, and sculpture are its many portraits.

When we create, we are at one with the source. Finally, the source is that indefinable ingredient, that unknown quantity or quality that distinguishes a neatly arranged, aesthetically composed painting from a painting that is a true gift of magic.”

I enjoyed the possibility of mirror reflections so much that I searched through all the glass companies and ordered many different examples of mirrored glass.  The mirror I wanted required the perfect degree of distortion–not so smooth that it was a mirror, but not so distorted that the reflection lacked beautiful forms.  After some time of ordering mirrors and experimenting I discovered that the silvercoat water glass sold by the Spectrum Glass Company was exactly what I could use to combined reality with fantasy, just as I had done originally with the rose in the bowl.  Here is a photograph in which there is combination of a realistic image of the flower with its reflection at the top in the mirror.


What these experiences did for me was to deepen my connection to the guidance and inspiration of the Creative Source.  I began to be more playful and experimental.  Many of my photographs  feel more like gifts that were given to me than something I created.  I cannot recall for many of the images how they were even accomplished.  At the end of this article I will show you the gallery I call Transforming Photographs into Paintings, which is a collection of some of my favorite moments with the Creative Source.

In August, 2009 I wanted to begin sharing my photography with people that were genuinely interested, but I did not want to cross the line of turning my passion into a business.  So I decided to begin sending my images each month in a gallery to anyone who was interested through e-mail. The Paintings gallery was my forty-seventh gallery.  If my images are of interest to you, just let me know at Errol Schubot <>.

I have enjoyed sharing with you my amazing journey with the Creative Source. I now absolutely believe without a doubt that we are supported in our life in mysterious ways and there is a Creative Source that can expand our creative potential.

What I have learned is that it takes experimentation to open the pathway to the Source.  This requires a willingness to  fail, be stuck, let go, be patient and experiment again and again. Gradually there is a flow that opens that has guided me in many ways in my life.  It is important to me to be proficient in the technology and skills of what I am doing, so I can feel free to express without having to think too hard about what I am doing.  I often use music as a psychologist and while I am taking photographs as I believe music is another way to open the pathway.   I often need a long, open period of time to be creative because it can take a while before the connection happens.  It is not unusual for me to begin taking photographs and not liking anything I am creating for a long while.    I have learned to notice those little flashes of ideas that come into my mind that open me to new possibilities.   Even though I do not know the exact nature of the Creative Source, I very often express my gratefulness and appreciation for all the gifts that have been given to me by this inspirational source.

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Here are my photographs transformed into paintings: