Deepak Chopra meets Jessica

Jessica Haynes and Deepak Chopra

Jessica Haynes and Deepak Chopra

It was a pleasure being invited as a VIP guest to the Oracle Conference Center seminar titled “Legacy of Health, Wellness and Education” this past June.

The keynote speaker was Dr. Oz and the Guest Speaker, Deepak Chopra. This invitation came through my years of consulting, being on the radio, and also starting this website, Life With  Jessica…  particularly my website.

If you asked me five years ago that I would be having fun talking with Dr. Oz and Deepak Chopra, in a casual party setting, during seminar breaks, and after the event more chatting with ease and laughter, I wouldn’t have imagined this.  Front seats during the 1000 + audience was also an unexpected treat.

My message to you, is that if you start and then continue on a path that is meaningful to you and others, opportunities will come to you. What do you want to manifest? Go for it!

Jessica A. Haynes