Christophor CoppesLove is the Number 1 Building Block

By Christophor Coppes


Of all the messages that Near-Death Experiencers give us, the most important one is that of love. They claim we are loved beyond our wildest dreams. The love from the Light is unconditional. Realize what that means. Unconditional means that there are no conditions. We don’t have to do something in particular or to refrain from something in order to receive this love. It will be there for us.

In principle, this means that we can do whatever we want without taking notice of the needs of others and still be enveloped with all the love there is. But this wouldn’t be fulfilling. We would become aware of our self-centeredness and we would suffer from having missed the opportunities to develop compassion and to make other people happy.

Love and compassion are the only things we can take along with us when we die. These are the only things we can show to The Light. This is the treasure that we have acquired on Earth: it is the love we have given. But it is the Love in a very broad sense: for everyone and for all of nature without distinction. This includes more than our own family, our own clan, our nationality, our partners in religion or our own backyard. It includes the love for animals, for all life forms, for the whole of nature and, therefore, eventually for everything around us. The reason is that in the end, everything physical or non-physical is equal to The Light (or God or whatever we desire to call It). What we do to others we in fact do to ourselves. Jesus knew this, because he said it in a slightly different way: ‘what you do to the least of my brothers, you do to me’.

This can be read on page 15 of my book “The Essence of Religions, A Glimpse of Heaven in the Near-Death Experience”, SelectBooks, ISBN 978-1-59079-245-2