Christophor-Coppes-11-200x300We have a creative energy within us: use it well!

Christophor Coppes

 Near-death Experiencers say remarkable things. During their experience their knowledge expands infinitely. Time is no limitation. All time seems to be there at the same time. They are able to look into the future, just as they are able to look back in history. Space is no limitation either; they can go where they want to go. And most interestingly, their life review give NDEers the possibility to feel exactly what they have done for others. They can feel it with such acute empathy that it is as if they themselves are the others. Many are even convinced that there is no division between them and the others.

The conclusion is that we are profoundly interconnected and that we are part of something great. This is mentioned time and again by many NDEers. From this we can conclude that we are part of One Big Whole. We live in a Unity Universe.

Consequently, whatever we do or think has an effect on everything else. It is like tossing a stone in a pond. The effect of the stone is not limited to where the stone hits the water. The stone creates shock waves that go through the whole pond, both on the surface and down below. In this sense we have a creative power within us. We have the ripple-creating power. We should be aware of that power and try to create only positive ripples. Because if we do, we create positive energy in Unity Universe and in the end we will all benefit from it. Of course, the opposite is true for the less optimal things we do. Those things freeze energy.

If we are so profoundly interconnected, we should do what is good to others and to nature because we in fact do this good to ourselves. Therefore, it would be best to change our focus away from our short-term self-interest and redirect it to the longer-term “our-interest.”

This can be read on page 11 of my book “The Essence of Religions, A Glimpse of Heaven in the Near-Death Experience”, SelectBooks, ISBN 978-1-59079-245-2