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Author Jessica A. Haynes

Author Jessica A. Haynes

In 1983, at the age of twenty-seven I had a near death experience. I was a passenger in a car in my home town Carmel, CA. The driver crashed at accelerating speed into a tree. The driver walked away from the accident, but the impact on my side of the car crushed my face beyond recognition. My vertebrae suffered multiple fractures, my discs smashed/bulging and the bones in my feet shattered. I was diagnosed to have lasting nerve damage and possible paralysis below my waist. I looked grotesque.

After the surgery to re-attach my jaw and rebuild my face, I had a Near Death Experience. I went through several stages on “the other side” including, three life reviews. I was able to reevaluate the choices I had made from a standpoint of looking back at my life as if it were a film clip. The first review showed me the life I had lived. The second, I saw a different  and better life I could have lived if I had made better choices (but still the accident would have happened). The third, making completely different choices, I saw a life I would have lived and the accident would not have happened. I had a whole new understanding of life, purpose, making choices and experiencing what you might say… the Eternal… or God.

I was fortunate to get my life back. With my NDE awarenesses I had a miracle healing. Within six months I was fully healed. The X-rays showed no sign of  injury to my back and feet. My crushed eye healed itself and the multiple scars on my face and body disappeared. I was running up steep hills, hiking long distances and looking like myself again. The doctors had no explanation.

I also “came back” very psychic/intuitive. I could send my mind to other places including the past, present, and future, and observe what was going on … what scientists call, Remote Viewing.

I realized I could answer people’s questions in very accurate ways. My mission statement became, “To bring the benefit of my abilities to as many people as possible and be a catalyst for positive change.” I have spoken extensively on the After Effects of the NDE as far away as Japan, and across the country for numerous IANDS groups (International Association for Near Death Studies).

I created and you can see my NDE videos at these conferences. Life With Jessica continues to inspire many thousands around the globe, as I interview and present today’s top experts in numerous fields. I have three books, GPS for Success, Discover Your Inner Strength and Get What You Want Now – Money, Love, Power, and More…

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My journey for inspiring and helping people around the Globe began with my NDE and it is a pleasure to share my story with you.

Jessica Haynes