Jessica A. Haynes

Changing and Improving Lives

Born in Berkeley, California, living in Hawaii, Oregon and adventuring in Alaska and now thirty years in Carmel, CA, life continues to be an adventure. I have traveled the world with my husband, twenty five years together, and my passion is to help others enjoy a life well lived. In 1983, I had a “NDE” (Near Death Experience) which helped me to realize the inner strengths within us we don’t often recognize. From the simple moments of life such as riding on the back of a motorcycle with my husband across the country and Canada, to flying in a Lear 60 Jet on a private flight and seeing the green flash with the setting sun, is designed to help you live your dreams, passions, and joys… empowering you to think “outside the box”. is opening up doors to everyone. Meet my guest contributors from around the world and join me in the most exciting, most fulfilling, and most meaningful journey of your life.

Jessica Haynes has been a business and relationship coach and consultant for the past twenty years.
She works with a steady clientele nationally and internationally. She works with business leaders, noted personalities, and explains to individuals across the country ways to accomplish their goals and actualize their dreams. Whether you are getting started on the path of finding your purpose, focusing on a new relationship, advancing a career opportunity, building a better life, Jessica offers proven strategies and solutions that work.

Jessica gives you the nuts-and-bolts solutions for getting what you want. You can build your dream life. Whether Jessica Haynes is talking about relationships, careers, financial abundance, or finding personal fulfillment, an important point stands out… she motivates you! Jessica connects you with your most valuable resource: YOU   … that powerful part of you designed to prosper and thrive.

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