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Meet Christophor Coppes

Jessica welcomes Christophor Coppes from the Netherlands, as a Guest Contributor.

Jessica met Christopher in 2010 at the Denver, Colorado IANDS conference. Jessica’s keynote presentation on “The After-Effects” of a NDE (which you can view under VIDEOS) impressed Coppes. He contacted Jessica and she was equally impressed with his book and positive message. Christophor has graciously agreed to share his ideas, insights, and message as a quarterly Guest Contributor. Click Here to Visit Christophor’s Contributor Page

Meet Melissa Tittl

Melissa is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to better their life. One of the most popular shows on television is “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel.

Season after season this program hits high ratings. I invite you learn from Melissa Tittl, the Producer of the show. If you have a dream, she offers ideas of how to make your intentions a reality. Click Here to Visit Melissa’s Contributor Page

Meet Barbara Bigford

Barbara Bigford’s success story is an entrepreneur’s dream.

Her manufacturing company grew 400% in just two years with annual sales projected to reach ten million dollars after a recent licensing agreement. Exposure for her product has ranged from presentations on QVC, Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Walgreens, A&P, Super-Valu and hundreds of retailers across the country. Her company was highlighted in an article in The Wall Street Journal. Barbara Bigford was also featured on CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, and CNN News, and at Hollywood’s 2008 Golden Globes awards, her product, Beach Pockets, were among the gifts given to celebrities. She has appeared on the television show, The View, with Barbara Walters, where Beach Pockets was voted number one summer product. Most recently, American Express has selected Barbara Bigford and her company to be featured as an Entrepreneur Success Story and the popular woman’s magazine More has featured a full length story Sand Dollars on Barbara’s inspirational entrepreneurial journey in their June 2011 issue. She also was a major contributor in the book GPS For Success, along with Dr. John Gray, Les Brown, and Stephen Covey on business success and personal development. Barbara shares her storied experiences as a keynote speaker and a consultant to several businesses and clubs looking for motivation and wisdom. Barbara’s passion for creativity, turned to entrepreneurial success, did not come without hard work, discipline, and vision. Click Here to Visit Barbara’s Contributor Page

Meet Bonnie Coleen

Bonnie Coleen, Broadcasting Pioneer and Host/Producer of the San Francisco morning drive radio program Seeing Beyond…

says that she “literally got picked up by Spirit” to start her radio program over 22 years ago. “Guidance was quite clear, Bonnie claims. I was told to start a radio program for people who wanted more out of life and that it was to be on a commercial radio station during drive time when more people listen to the radio than any other time. Bonnie has learned the significance of these messages. She has witnessed that by providing listeners with an alternative to the prevalent news and news talk heard on AM talk radio; they take hope, become empowered and begin to live more meaningful, positive and productive lives. One listener told Bonnie that if it had not been for a few close friends she would have been homeless years ago. During those dark months she listened regularly to Bonnie and her inspiring guests. The information and inspiration she received encouraged her to keep on keeping on. Five years, and many Seeing Beyond radio programs later, she completed her graduate training and licensing and is now a counselor helping others. This is just one of the many true stories of how people have listened and acted upon what they hear on Seeing Beyond. Click HERE to visit Bonnie’s Guest Contributor Page

Meet Lewis Brown Griggs is pleased to introduce Lewis Brown Griggs.

Lewis Brown Griggs was born 16 August 1948 and raised in Minneapolis / St. Paul, earned an Amherst BA in 1970 and a Stanford MBA in 1980, and gained organizational experience in the federal government (’70-’72), an educational start-up firm (’72-’74), public television (’74-’78), and genetic engineering start-ups (’80-’82). Griggs Productions was started in 1982 and has resulted in two published books (Going International & Valuing Diversity), twenty-three videos & guides (Going InternationalValuing DiversityValuing Relationship, & Human Energy at Work), four cd-roms (No Potential Lost), an interactive multi-media internet/intranet e-learning program (The Potential is Yours), other training products and services, many national and local television & radio appearances, and frequent conferences and client speaking and training engagements on the essential concepts mentioned above. Click Here to Visit Lewis’ Guest Contributor Page

Meet Linda Daniels

Linda Daniels is a pioneer for creating a “New Normal” when modi operandi become outdated.

With an interest in human behavior and social consciousness, she received her degree in Psychology, with a concentration in Speech/& Education. She has been a teacher, trainer, counselor, writer, publicist, marketing strategist, manager/salesperson and business owner. Linda Daniel’s perspectives provide a new normal, a new vantage point for today. She is a wealth of inspiration, humor and hope. Click Here to Visit Linda’s Guest Contributor Page

Meet Rob Robb

Ready to Get Robbed of Your Illusions on

Rob Robb is one of today’s most dynamic “forward thinkers” who has a powerful and unforgettable message. Put Robin Williams, Bill Hicks, Howard Stern, Chris Rock and Bill Maher on one stage, and you will have Rob Robb. Rob is both famous and infamous for getting you to take notice of the world around you. His irreverent vocabulary, hilarious storytelling, and eye-opening ideas keep you … wanting more! Rob’s material is completely unique and original. Enjoy a fantastic 2 hour show filmed in a four part series Click HERE to visit Rob’s Guest Contributor Page

bike LV 2011Meet Ricardo Gonzalez is pleased to introduce Ricardo Gonzalez.

Ricardo is a wealth of inspiration and humor, offering a powerful message of reaching your potential. Ricardo uses sports as a metaphor for life. So whether or not you share Ricardo’s love of sports, his message is universal. Or as Ricardo believes, through the universal language and love of sports one can come to both understand life and to learn how to live a better life…What more could a reader ask for? Tune in for his upcoming topics on getting into the zone, letting go, the mental, emotional and physical game (of sports and life). Click HERE to visit Ricardo’s Guest Contributor Page

Meet Peter Matthies

Peter Matthies is an international speaker, Venture Capitalist, and business consultant.

He is the founder of the Conscious Business Institute, a thought-leading organization that supports business leaders in growing their organizations in a more inspiring, effective and sustainable way.

Based on experience with well over 1000 companies, Peter Matthies’ speeches address the most pressing issues that are on the mind of today’s business leaders and professionals. He is taking his audiences where they have never gone before, opening the possibility to create truly outstanding organizations, which engage employees, investors and customers on a deeper level.

Peter’s genuine style inspires and engages the audience emotionally and intellectually, and his words have the power to initiate lasting change. As a result, our clients have consistently experienced well over 100% business growth, coupled with a sense of well-being and balance.

Click here to visit Peter’s Guest Contributor Page

Meet Jason Matthews

If you are an aspiring author and want to pursue the self-publishing route, Jason has excellent tips.

As a regular guest contributor he will share ideas, insights, and pathways to understand the highly competitive world of publishing. Jason has your interest at heart, and that is why I have chosen Jason.Jason Matthews is a writer living in Truckee, California. He is a leader in the self-publishing community, teaching Indie authors how to sell Ebooks and paperbacks effectively using all free methods. His how-to guides include: How to Make, Market and Sell Ebooks All for Free, How to Make Your Own Free Website and Your Free Blog Too, and Get On Google Front Page. Jason also writes novels that get readers thinking about the bigger picture. His novels include: The Little Universe and Jim’s Life with more on the way.

Click here to visit Jason’s Guest Contributor Page


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