Bonnie Coleen, Broadcasting Pioneer and Host/Producer of the San Francisco morning drive radio program Seeing Beyond, says that she “literally got picked up by Spirit” to start her radio program over 22 years ago.

“Guidance was quite clear,” Bonnie claims.  “I was told to start a radio program for people who wanted more out of life and that it was to be on a commercial radio station during drive time when more people listen to the radio than any other time”.

Bonnie has learned the significance of these messages.  She has witnessed that by providing listeners with an alternative to the prevalent news and news talk heard on AM talk radio; they take hope, become empowered and begin to live more meaningful, positive and productive lives. One listener told Bonnie that if it had not been for a few close friends she would have been homeless years ago.    During those dark months she listened regularly to Bonnie and her inspiring guests.  The information and inspiration she received encouraged her to keep on keeping on.  Five years, and many Seeing Beyond radio programs later, she completed her graduate training and licensing and is now a counselor helping others.  This is just one of the many true stories of how people have listened and acted upon what they hear on Seeing Beyond.

Bonnie interviews the Pioneers on the Planet, the people who are doing something different to make a difference.  The theme song of Seeing Beyond, Bonnie notes, is “Who am I and Why am I Here?”  Bonnie has interviewed famous people like Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Wayne Dyer, Jane Goodall and the grandsons of both Mahatma Ghandi and Edgar Cayce.  But, even more exciting, Bonnie claims is interviewing a Seeing Beyond listener who has acted on the information they have heard on the radio program and moved on to do their own great work and then be interviewed by Bonnie on her popular show.

Seeing Beyond listeners are the Early Adopters.  They don’t just listen, they act on what they hear—reading the books of authors Bonnie interviews, attending their events and workshops, taking teleseminars and meeting inspiring guests and each other.

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Bonnie loves broadcasting early in the morning, often quoting her Mother who said, “There’s a parade every morning, but you have to get up to see it!”

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