Christophor Coppes

Christophor holds a PhD in economics and worked for many years at the University of Groningen and in the banking industry.

He was both in a commercial position with a French bank as well as in a supervisory role at the Dutch Central Bank. Currently he is still working for this institution, monitoring the developments in the international Financial Markets.

During his career in the financial sector he never lost his human interest. This resulted in writing a book based on the real story of how friends and family lovingly looked after a terminally ill Aids patient and helped him through the final stages of his life.

His disgust over the biggest single massacre in Europe after the Second World War in Srebrenica, in 1995, made him write a book about the real experiences of one of the victims, a Muslim girl who became translator for the Dutch UN soldiers.

His conviction that Near-Death Experiences are true spiritual experiences dates back to 1979 when he read Raymond Moody’s Life after Life. A few years ago he wrote a book in which he compared the essences of NDEs with those of five world religions. His conclusion is that the true essences of the five religions can be found in NDEs, but that not all the essences of NDEs can be found in each individual religion. In 2008 he became president of the International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) in the Netherlands.

Christophor demonstrates his social engagement through his work as board member of the society for ‘Worldwide Dentistry’. He participated in dental projects for underprivileged school children in Kenya, Cambodia and Nepal. He lives in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

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