Lewis Brown Griggs

  Personal Biography

 Essential Message:


The language of my message changes to fit with the audience, as not all are as interested in Spirit or in Energy as I am, but in different ways and words I try to convey and facilitate all attendees to walk away with increased consciousness of the following:


Our Spirits all come from the same source of Energy and abide in mostly similar human bodies and accordingly have much in common, yet each of us lives within the only combination of uniquely diverse DNA and subsequent life experiences that has ever existed in the history of life on earth.


Turning Points come for each of us as we evolve constantly, the old way not working as well as it was working and the new way not working as well yet as hoped. Changes come at us so quickly and at times so many at once that our response to change varies in its effectiveness.


As vastly diverse human resources of Energy and Spirit we are sometimes the least and/or most dysfunctionally responsive to change, yet we are often the most subtly and flexibly responsive resource of energy with which we as individuals or teams or organizations can possibly respond to change, especially if we are enhanced to become (rather than depleted from becoming) our fullest and most expressive selves in all our diversity.


All too often we respond to our own or each other’s differences by denying (as if not real) or ignoring (as if not relevant) the very real and relevant differences which are unique gifts to ourselves and/or to one another, to our organizations, and to the task at hand.


Our effectiveness with each other is at all times influenced by three overlapping and simultaneous circles of influence: group/cultural differences, individual uniqueness, and our relationship dynamics.  Every system (body, computer, chair, tree, etc.) only functions precisely as it does because its parts are diverse and relate to one another as they do, i.e. functionally and/or dysfunctionally.


So the quality of our Energetic and Spiritual relationship across our differences is the key to our personal and interpersonal and organizational wholeness and fulfillment, and thereby to our effectiveness and co-creativity and co-productivity and long-term profitability.

Market Focus:


I speak & train & facilitate dialogue within and/or sell video & print & cd-rom and e-learning training materials to corporate, government, non-profit and educational organizations, since the same essential goal of personal & interpersonal & organizational effectiveness is true in all organizations.


However, since it’s only my own personal process/work/growth in which I have any direct experience and thereby any expertise (since ‘it takes one to know one’), I seem to have my greatest impact among similar people at least recognizing the need to gain similar consciousness (mostly mid-level to senior-level white male managers and executives).


Over twenty-five years of doing this work since 1982, my use of print, video, television, radio, workshops, conferences, personal training, speaking, cd-roms, and now on-line e-learning programs, has been intended to give clients whatever learning tools and vehicles they most prefer in order to reach the greatest number of people with the essential message at the least cost.



Lewis Brown Griggs was born 16 August 1948 and raised in Minneapolis / St. Paul, earned an Amherst BA in 1970 and a Stanford MBA in 1980, and gained organizational experience in the federal government (’70-’72), an educational start-up firm (’72-’74), public television (’74-’78), and genetic engineering start-ups (’80-’82).


Griggs Productions was started in 1982 and has resulted in two published books (Going International & Valuing Diversity), twenty-three videos & guides (Going International, Valuing Diversity, Valuing Relationship, & Human Energy at Work), four cd-roms (No Potential Lost), an interactive multi-media internet/intranet e-learning program (The Potential is Yours), other training products and services, many national and local television & radio appearances, and frequent conferences and client speaking and training engagements on the essential concepts mentioned above.


The newest Griggs Productions training DVD & Guide will be entitled Human Spirit at Work.


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