Linda began breaking barriers at an early age.

At 17, she was voted the third female Student Body President of her high school in its 70 year history by a landslide. Leading the studentbody of 2000 students, Linda organized one of the early interracial (white/black) student exchanges in the nation, created the first Student, Faculty, Parent, Senate; uniting her school and the community and campaigned for lowering the voting age in the 70’s to 19.

With an interest in human behavior, she went on to a private university and graduated with honors, getting her degree in Psychology and a minor in Education/Speech.

Linda followed her interest in social consciousness after graduating. She has been a teacher, trainer, counselor, writer, editor, publicist, manager/salesperson, business development specialist, marketing strategist and business owner.

Linda has been expanding opportunities in the working world for women for over twenty years.

During the hi-tech boom, Linda was one of the first women in national telecommunication sales in the Silicon Valley/SF Bay Area. She worked for predominately male organizations and sold to predominately male engineers. By selling more than the other three men on the sales force combined, she made more per year in sales than her CEO.  She built sales territories to billing $1,000,000 per month from the ground level.

Fortune 500 companies were amongst her clientele. Linda began to hit the wall with continual corporate downsizing, long overtime work hours, chauvinism and sales territory cuts.  She wanted to get off the treadmill of “harder, faster, longer”…and create a new normal for herself.  She loved traveling, the art of making a deal, and had thrived on stress. But, with the downsides that came with corporate America, she eventually came down with a severe case of mono.  It was hard for her to leave the excitement and “golden handcuffs” as she called them, but in leaving to recover her health, she found in sabbatical, a renewal.

The journalist in her yearned to share her voice. Once again, Linda is on the forefront, bringing you “A New Normal”of perspectives in her column…The first installment is here and as you can see she is a wealth of inspiration, humor and hope.

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